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Convos #2 & #3

*waves* Hey all, this is your other mod, [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl!

13 members! We're starting to grow already! It would really be great if you guys could pimp this community out as much as you can. We want to share this with as many Lost fans as we can and we'd appreacite any help you can give us! =D

We're updating with 2 convos today:

  "Time for Sawyer's Check-up"

Dr_Hero: I want to check your eyesight. Do you have your glasses on?
ConMan08: yea...
Dr_Hero: cAn YoU rEaD tHiS???
ConMan08: what the hell is that supposed to say?
Dr_Hero: Good, your sight is normal. No one can read that garbage.


 "psychic!Walt can get a little old..."

BoyWonder: No thanks.
DaddyDearest: Do you want pizza again for dinner?
BoyWonder: Already did.
DaddyDearest: Did you take your vitamins today?
BoyWonder 7:30
DaddyDearest: What time are you going over--WALT! Will you please let me finish one sentence!!


Feedback is much appriciated, as we're just kinda making stuff up. =P